Tap Density

The Pharma Alliance TD-1-2 Tap Density Tester is microprocessor-controlled and complies with USP and ASTM specifications. This apparatus offers a simple and standard means of measuring the tapped density of powders, granules, pellets, etc.It supports both USP-I and USP-II methods of testing, but allows only one test to be performed at a time. The test may also be performed as per ASTM standards using the optional adapter for cylinder holders. Two different cylinder holders with snap-lock mechanism are designed to hold the 100ml and 200ml cylinders. To ensure a free drop of the cylinder from the required height, the two stations are provided with virtually friction- bearings. Supports both USP I & USP II methods Unique rotating & tapping motion for even packed surface Acoustic cabinet to minimize noise level (Optional) 24 x 2 characters back lighted LCD display Documented printout of test results and validation data Calculation of standard parameters like % Tapped Density, Compressibility Index, Hausner ratio, etc. Computer interface through RS 232 Supports both 250 ml and 100 ml cylinder for the test.