PMPQ Services

Historically, pharmaceutical firms have not had many options in servicing their dissolution systems. Furthermore, matters are complicated when companies have acquired systems from several vendors. The Pharma Alliance Group has resolved this connundrum by creating specialized software that addresses the specific preventive maintenance instructions of each manufacturer into one validated, simple to use software package utilized by our technicians on site.

Through the use of our unique software, our firm is uniquely qualified to provide services for all major dissolution testing equipment. In this system, we have captured the PM requirements of each of these vendors in one simple and validated system. Our validation specialists have detailed the requirements of each system and incorporated each instruction into a comprehensive system that addresses each maintenance component as defined by the manufacturer. Not only have we ensured that the content of each PM manual is replicated, but have also made further additions to ensure that applicable GLP/USP guidelines are also addressed.

In addition to our Preventive Services offering, the Pharma Alliance Group provides an economic solution to the bi-annual Performance Qualification that sometimes unnecessarily burdens laboratories around the country. Our expertise in this field, which includes the use of pre-packaged, degassed KH2PO4 buffer; accelerate the completion of these tests and provides a faster turn around to these results. This translates into lower operating costs as well as uninterrupted operation of each system.

If you want to inquire further about our PM and PQ services, please contact us and a dissolution specialist will contact you to discuss your requirements. We guarantee the lowest validation cost regardless of equipment manufacturer.