Disintegration Testers

Disintegration Testers

Disintegration Testers




Complies with USP, IP, Ph. Eur. Specifications

Bathless heating (saves water, time, electricity)

Bathless Disintegration Tester is maintenance-free

Specially designed efficient heater plates for vessel, heats the media quickly

Disintegration time registration of individual tablets

• Basket park-out from beaker on test completion

• Test results and validation gets printed

• Individual motor and timer with external probe for both the basket

• Magnetically coupled basket for easy loading

• 20 Different users can login

• Date & Time Lock Facility


Beaker: 1000 ml glass beakers (2 nos.)

• Baskets: 2 nos. each carrying 6 test position (dimensions as per atest USP)

• Guided disc: Perforated cylindrical disc 6 nos. in each basket (dimensions as per latest USP)

• Display: 20 x 4 LCD

• Printer interface: Centronics Serial port

• Motor: Single shaft 6V DC motor 10 kg cm torque (2 nos.)

• Illumination: Green LED

• Stirrer motor: DC motor 12V

• Power supply: 110 V AC,

• No. of strokes: 30 +0.5 strokes/min

• Stroke height: 55 mm +2 mm

• Readable temperature range: 10o C to 45o C

• Controlled temperature range: 15o C to 40o C

• Temperature resolution: +0.2o C

• Dimensions (L x W x H): (360 x 372 x 570) mm

Weight: Net 25 kgs, Gross 30 kgs